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The European capital of hunting and nature, Saint-Hubert also prides itself on its prestigious and unusual past. 

© OPT / JL Felmal


Numerous monuments are reminders of the city's history, which has long been linked to its abbey and the legend of St Hubert (St Hubert Basilica).

There are countless reasons to explore St Hubert's surroundings. The airfield is ideal for airborne leisure activities and the Game Park is the place to go for beautiful local fauna and flora.

The open air and antique metalwork sections of the Fourneau Saint-Michel Provincial Museum of Luxembourg, bear witness to the area's industrial and rural past. Then there is the Pierre-Joseph Redouté Museum, dedicated to the memory of the artist dubbed 'the Raphael of Flowers'.


Experience the true Ardennes countryside

Other sites and villages are also worth visiting: the Mirwart Provincial Estate with its fish farm, the fountains and the clog-makers' trail in Awenne are just a few examples.


Not to mention the numerous country walks, either through Saint-Hubert itself or its neighbouring communes (Tenneville and Libramont-Chevigny).

Saint Hubert is your ideal stop-off point or base camp for discovering the real Ardennes!