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Logis de Belgique

The Logis de Belgique exist in the same great spirit as the Logis de France : human-faced, traditional and countryside hotels.

We insist that our member-hotels be inspected every three years in order to maintain a quality and to insure that the classification is updated. Our family hotels are spread all over Belgium from the coast to the Ardennes' forests, from the Boot of Hainaut to the East-Beglium, including Brussels, the capital of Europe. Everywhere it's with pleasure that we will welcome you with the Belgian conviviality that is so well acknowledged throughout the world and we will have you sample our country cuisine, fishing produce along the coast, the famous game of the Ardennes and many a local dish that deserve discovery. Once and for all come and discover the Logis de Belgique, you'll be delighted.

Logis de Belgique

List of Member Hotels of Logis de Belgique



Hainaut :

Liège :

Luxemburg :