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Brussels, the Fashionable Districts


Brussels is a surprising city!

Warm and inviting, tourists love it as much the people who live here. It has always been and will always be a multicultural city, a welcoming meeting place for original, talented creatives admired by their peers, who find this lively and surreal capital a wonderful place to live and work.

Before falling under its spell, many of them initially chose to come to Brussels for its internationally renowned art schools, such as the exceptional La Cambre, or, for design, Saint-Luc, the Académie Royale des Beaux-Arts, the CAD or the Hoge School Sint-Lukas.

Ciel Mes Bijoux, Jewellery store in the Royal Saint-Hubert Galleries
© Jewellery store Saint-Hubert Galleries- W. Coppens

Clothes, homewares, furniture and fashion accessories designed in Brussels sell like hot cakes in the finest boutiques in the world, to some of the most demanding customers. Our designers know how to combine practicality with an innovative look, a good dose of humour and superb quality. In all its different styles, fashion and design in Brussels have a brilliant future ahead.

Here are a few suggested routes for discovering fashion and design in Brussels, in all its glory, while visiting some of its most charming districts.

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Text by: Olivier Gilson, Coordinateur

Designed in Brussels
Veronique Heene, Coordinatrice
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